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Perm in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1723
  • Capital of Perm Region
  • Situated at the foot of Ural Mountains on the banks of the river Kama
  • Climate is continental and temperate
  • Population is more that 1 mln people
  • Distance from Moscow - 1339 km
  • Local time: GMT +5
  • Big railway traffic centre
  • River port
  • International airport

Perm Region

In December 2016 there appeard a new subject of Russian Federation – Permskiy Region that united the people of Perm region and Komi-Permyatski Autonomous District. The population of region is a large multinational family that respect interests, religioin, cultural traditions and rich spiritual legacy of each nationality.

Geographical position

The Perm region is situated on the border between Europe (99,8%) and Asia (0,2%), between the East European Plain (80%) and Ural Mountains (20%). The region is 645 km long with a width of 417 km.

Perm city

The capital of Permskyi region is Perm which is located on the bank of the Kama River - one of the deepest and most picturesque rivers of Russia. Kama is the water-way which grants the Urals access to the White, Baltic, Azov, Black and Caspian seas. Perm is a big industrial, scientific, cultural and educational center of Privolzhskiy Region, one of the oldest beautiful cities of Urals that has preserved the unique monuments of architecture and urban development of XVII-XIX centures. It's known for it's music and theater traditions. The city Opera and Ballet House is the oldest in the Urals. Perm ballet school is world famous. Perm museum collections germs are the unique icons, wooden sculptures and animal style household items.

Perm occupies the territory of 799 square km giving up only to Moscow by this parameter (among Russian cities).

What does the word Perm mean?

The word Perm comes from Finno-Ugric language of the Vepses who lived in the area between the Onega lake and Ladoga lake . The Veps word for “far way land” is PERAMA, which converted to PERM.


The climate is continental and temperate. Summers are warm and sometimes hot, winters are cold. Snowy winter makes it possible to go in for all kinds of winter sports. Daily and seasonal variations in average temperatures are wide (from -53C to 38C). The warmest months July, the coldest – January (average temperatures are +18 … +25 C and -10 … -20 C).


The total population of the Region (status 01.01.03) is 2.9 million people representing multiple ethnic groups. Population of Perm is more that 1 mln people.


Perm has got an airport of international significance, railway and river stations. The distance between Perm and Moscow is 1339 km (by fast train – 22 hours, by air – 1.40 min).

Education and science

In Perm region there are over 1500 comprehensive schools, schools of initial professional training, 19 higher educational establishments and their branches.

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