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Ufa in a nutshell

  • Capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Was established in 1574
  • Distance Ufa - Moscow is aprox 1300 km
  • Population is about 4 mil people
  • Religion: Muslim (main), also Orthodoxy, Catholic and Jewry
  • Local time: GMT +5
  • Climate - continental
  • Phone code is 347
  • International airport
  • Great scenery

Geographic Situation

UFA is the capital of Bashkortostan, a sovereign Republic in the Russian Federation , wich covers a territory of 143,000 sq. km. (0,8 percent of the whole area of Russian Federation ), it stretches over 550 km from South to North and 400 km from West to East.

It borders on Perm and Sverdlovsk regions in the north; Chelyabinsk region - in the East; Orenburg region - in the south-east, the south and south-west; Tatarstan Republic - in the west; Udmurt Republic - in the north-west.

Bashkortostan is sometimes called “second Switzerland ”: high mountains and expansive steppes, evergreen forests and 600 rivers and 800 lakes. Various kinds of tourism and sport are very popular here, for example rafting and alpine skiing.

Ufa is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Russia .


Climate is continental and the average mean temperature is 14 degrees below zero in winter and 20,5 above zero in summer, and is frequently over 30 degrees.


There are 4 million and 110 thousand people in this republic (2,8 percent of the Russian Federation population). The Republic takes the 7th place in terms of population among Regions and Republics of Russia, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg . More than 70 nationalities live in its territory. There are: Russians, Bashkirians, Tatars, Chuvashes, Maris, Ukrainians. Russian is the international communication language here. Also people can speak English, German and French.

The State Symbols

The State Symbols of Bashkortostan Republic are the State Flag, the National Anthem and the State Insignia.



Historical Information

Bashkortostan - is a republic in the south Urals and the foothills of the Urals , named after its native people - the Bashkirs. Russian (Slavonic) republic's name Bashkiria - was affirmed in the end of the 16th century.

From the second half of the 16th century till the beginning of the 19th century the Bashkirs occupied the territory from the left bank of the Volga in the South-West till the upper Tobol in the East.

On October 11, 1990 the Declaration of Sovereighty was adopted, which proved the republic's status as democratic and legal. And in February 1992 it was called Bashkortostan Republic .

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